The EDLdap library is a Java based library which can be used to interact with the Enterprise Directory LDAPs.

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If you would like to use this project in your maven build, include the following in your pom.xml:



What’s new?

  • 2FA Support via Login Directory
  • API Refactorization


The following project highlights the features of the EdLdap Library, along with some generic use cases:

The following page highlights the features of the EdLdap Library’s EdAuth functionality:

The usage for ED-Lite and ED-Auth does not require client certificate authentication, however using ED-ID does.

To do this you must configure an file.

The file (example from sample project) must reside in your classpath (ex: WEB-INF/classes for most web applications), alternatively you may specify the location of the file by setting a Java System Property called “” with its value as the absolute path to the file (ex: java”/path/to/”).

An configuration directive consists of the following format:

  • edldap.<directory_type>.ssl.<property>=<value>

<directory_type> can be one of **edid**, **edlite**, or **edauth**.

EDLdap Library supports both JKS, BKS …

# --[ssl.type = jks]--
# Specify the keystore you'd like to use under keystorePath.
# If you don't specify a truststorePath, the default ed.truststore
# included in the library will be used.  Keystore password must be 'changeit'
# both BKS and JKS types are supported.
# --------------------


… and X509 formats for client authentication.

# --[ssl.type = x509]--
# Specify the client certificate under authenticationCertificatePath
# Specify the certificate key under authenticationCertificateKeyPath
# If you don't specify a trustCertificatesPath, the default trustchain.pem
# included in the library will be used.
# The credential files can be one of all types supported for X.509 version 3
# certificate, as specified by ISO/IEC and ANSI X9.
# --------------------

edldap.<directory_type>.ssl.authenticationCertificatePath=file:/... (.cer, .der, .pem...)
edldap.<directory_type>.ssl.authenticationCertificateKeyPath=file:/... (.cer, .der, .pem...)
edldap.<directory_type>.ssl.trustCertificatesPath=file:/... (.cer, .der, .pem...)

To use ED-ID with a PEM formatted certificate and key the following configuration may be used:


Setting the .trustCertificatesPath and .truststorePath should be optional as the default certificate chain is included with the library.

Once configured please take a look at this project for a basic implementation.

Command Line Usage

The library also supports command-line interface to perform all of its features which may be used in cron jobs or scripting.

eldap commandline usage:

usage: edldap
 -authenticate       Authenticate user
 -authorize <arg>    Authenticate and authorize user by SpEL expression
 -credential <arg>   Authentication credential
 -env <arg>          DEV|PPRD|PROD
 -h,--help           display this help listing
 -mfa <arg>          Multi-factor source [DUO]
 -mfaval <arg>       Multi-factor value (For DUO: '[factor],[index|value]'
                     Unused sections may be omitted. Examples:
                     'passcode,343342' or 'phone,2' or 'push' or 'auto')
 -query <arg>        Execute LDAP query
 -showaffils         Authenticate user and show affiliations
 -showgroups         Authenticate user and show group membership
 -type <arg>         EDAUTH|EDID|EDLITE
 -user <arg>         Authentication username

The following uses ED-Auth to authenticate and authorize the PID ‘ememisya’ using the existence of the affiliation VT-FACULTY as its authorization requirement.

${EDLDAP_LIBRARY}/bin/edldap -env DEV -authorize 'hasAttributeValue("eduPersonAffiliation","VT-FACULTY")' -user ememisya

The output is as follows:

Enter password for user ememisya:
Performing authorization using EDAUTH
User: ememisya
SUCCESS.  Authenticated and authorized ememisya

All failures in EdAuth will throw edu.vt.middleware.ldap.ed.EdAuthAuthorizationException

Enter password for user ememisya:
Performing authorization using EDAUTH
User: ememisya
Exception in thread "main" edu.vt.middleware.ldap.ed.EdAuthAuthorizationException: Could not match all attributes requested for authorization.