Organizations in the Enterprise Directory expose the Banner finance organizational structure at Virginia Tech.

Organizations contain:

  • The title of the organization, e.g. Middleware & Identity Apps
  • The hierarchical level code of the organization, e.g. U, EX, S42, M427, 0661, 066103
  • The list of employees that are in the organization

In theory, organizations exposed in the Enterprise Directory should mirror the structure published by the Controller’s Office in the Organization Hierarchy Report.


Organizations are available in the ou=Orgs,dc=vt,dc=edu branch of ED-LDAP.

Access is limited to active ED Services.



Search by orgCode

ldapsearch -h -Z -Y EXTERNAL -b ou=Orgs,dc=vt,dc=edu 
$ ldapsearch -h -Z -b ou=orgs,dc=vt,dc=edu orgCode=066103
# extended LDIF
# LDAPv3
# base <ou=orgs,dc=vt,dc=edu> with scope subtree
# filter: orgCode=066103
# requesting: ALL

# 066103, Orgs,
dn: orgCode=066103,ou=Orgs,dc=vt,dc=edu
creationDate: 2016-09-20T07:14:25
orgCode: 066103
orgLevel: 6
objectClass: virginiaTechOrganization
uid: 4622
orgLevelCode6: 066103
orgLevelCode: S42
orgLevelCode: EX
orgLevelCode: U
orgLevelCode: 0661
orgLevelCode: 066103
orgLevelCode: M427
orgLevelCode5: 0661
orgStatus: A
orgLevelCode2: EX
orgLevelCode1: U
orgLevelCode4: M427
orgLevelCode3: S42
orgEmployee: uid=1,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu
orgEmployee: uid=2,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu
orgEmployee: uid=3,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu
orgEmployee: uid=4,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu
orgEmployee: uid=5,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu
orgEmployee: uid=6,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu
orgTitle: Middleware & Identity Apps

# search result
search: 4
result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 2
# numEntries: 1