IntelliJ IDEA

Most Middleware developers use IntelliJ IDEA for Java development. You can use whatever tools you like, but IntelliJ is considered by many to be one of the best Java IDEs and well worth the money.


You must download and install the following Oracle JDK versions for your platform:

  • Latest Java 1.7
  • Latest Java 1.8

You are responsible for maintaining reasonably current JDKs on your workstation.

Getting Started

Vital Shortcuts

The following shortcuts will dramatically improve your productivity and should be committed to memory. OSX versions are provided here, but the equivalents for Windows and Linux can be inferred by replacing Cmd with Cntrl.

  1. Cmd-Shift-A - Search for any command, configuration setting, window, etc
  2. Cmd-N - Goto any class by name
  3. Cmd-Shift-N - Goto any file by name
  4. Cmd-B - Goto source for highlighted class, function, variable
  5. Cntrl-N - Generate getter, setter, constructor, override, etc
  6. Alt-Enter - Generate contextual menu for highlighted variable (helpful for code completion, refactoring)