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Registry Enqueue Bean

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2007/02/07


Problem Statements

  • The Registry uses database triggers to fire replication.
  • Triggers generate unnecessary replication as multiple writes cannot be grouped into one logical operation.
  • All writes generate replication, separating writes from replication will provide greater flexibility.
  • Business logic should not reside in the database.

Functional Requirements

  1. Expose enqueue methods for person, services, groups and entitlements that accept a unique identifier and a priority.
  2. Enqueue methods should build a Person, Service, Group or Entitlement Object and publish it to a JBossMQ Topic.
  3. Expose enqueue method for any DataObject.

Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Must be written as a clustered stateless session bean.


  • JBoss supports priority queueing. Specifically, a priority of 1-9 can be set on message publishing, with 1 having the least priority and 9 having the most priority. 4 is considered the default. — 2005/04/19
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