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Registry Change Bean

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2005/05/24


Problem Statements

  • There exists no business component to centrally manage replication from the Registry to other systems.
  • There exists no way to determine if a record has already been replicated.

Functional Requirements

  1. Ability to receive a DSML messages from the Registry Replication MDB
  2. Ability to configure n number of adapters which represent external systems.
    • each adapter should write to a JBossMQ Topic with a message selector that explicitly designates the adapter
    • each adapter must be configured with XSL, which when applied to the received DSML will result in a SPML message sent to the Topic
    • if the XSL transform results in an empty message, no message should be sent
  3. Ability to determine if an exact record has previously been processed.

Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Must be implemented as a clustered stateless session bean.


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