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PID Management Bean

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2005/08/23


Problem Statements

  • There exists no programmatic method to manage PIDs in the registry.

Functional Requirements

  1. Ability to remove a person's PID from the registry
    • PID must be in the to be released state
  2. Ability to modify a person's PID in the registry
    • Person's PID must exist
    • Person's PID must meet PID requirements
    • Person must have only 1 PID
    • New PID must be available for reservation in the NameArbiter
  3. Ability to set a person's account state given their UID
  4. Ability to return a person's legal account state transitions given their UID
  5. Ability to return whether a PID is valid per the PID requirements

Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Must be implemented as a clustered stateless session bean.
  2. All methods must accept UIDs as input, not UUPIDs.
  3. Methods must be exposed as web services.

PID Requirements

A well-formed PID must meet the following requirements:

  • must be between 3 and 8 characters long
  • must not contain punctuation, whitespace, or control characters:
  • must start with a letter and be composed only of alphanumeric characters:


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