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Name Arbiter Scheduler Service

Author Catherine D. Winfrey
Date 2008/07/15

Problem Statements

  • The existing mechanism for removing expired temporary reservations needs to be moved to the new scheduler implementation.

Functional Requirements

  • Temporary Reservation Expiration Task
    1. Delete temporary reservations whose expiration date has passed.

Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Must be implemented as a clustered JBoss service.


The identification and deletion of expired temporary reservations is performed by a Name Arbiter Bean method called by this scheduled service. This scheduled service runs once a day.

Typically each temporary reservation is removed as soon as it expires by a javax.ejb.Timer task scheduled at the time the temporary reservation is created, if it has not been removed explicitly by the client system. However, this Timer task is deleted if JBoss is restarted, so this scheduled service is required to clean up any temporary reservation that failed to be removed by its Timer task.

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