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Group Management Bean

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2005/09/07


Problem Statements

  • There exist no mechanism for administrating ED groups.

Functional Requirements

  1. Ability to create a group with the following information:
    • Currently non-existing UUGID
    • Contact Person – given by user
      • must be different than administrator
    • Administrator – given by user
      • must be different than contact
    • Creation date – current system date
    • Expiration date - current system date + 1 year
    • if invoked via web service:
      • service must be administrator of parent group
      • service will be set as administrator and viewer of the new group
  2. Ability to remove a group
  3. Ability to modify the expiration date
    • DAT may set any expiration date
    • group administrators may set any date up to 1 year in the future via group manager web application or web service call
  4. Ability to set/remove the display name for a group
  5. Ability to suppress demographic attributes in ED-Lite
  6. Ability to suppress members/membership in ED-Auth
  7. Ability to set/delete the e-mail address for a group
  8. Ability to add/remove person administrators/contacts/managers/members based on their UUPID
  9. Ability to add/remove group members based on their UUGID.
  10. Ability to add/remove service administrators/managers/viewers based on their UUSID.

Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Must be implemented as a clustered stateless session bean.

Group Name Requirements

A well-formed UUGID must meet the following requirements:

  • must be at least 3 characters long
  • must be at most 128 characters long
  • must start with an alphanumeric character
  • must be composed only of alphanumeric characters, dashes, dots, and underscores
  • nodes must be at least 1 character long
  • nodes must be at most 16 characters long


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