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Display E-mail Addresses

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2005/11/03


IRM has requested the ability to override a person's preferred e-mail address which in shown in ED-Lite.
We are calling this feature a 'display e-mail address'.
A display e-mail address only affects the ED LDAPs, it does not replicate to any other system.

Problem Statements

  • IRM needs an administrative function to override a person preferred e-mail address for display in ED-Lite


New e-mail type code 'DE'

A new e-mail type code is added to the Registry called 'DE' (display e-mail).
Functionality is added to the DAT which allows IRM to set/remove a 'DE' mail address for a person' record.
The only requirement for this type of e-mail address is that it be valid per RFC 822.
It does not need to correspond to another person's account, a VT account, or even exist.
When a person gets a 'DE' address their preferred mail address will be ignored and this address will be used instead.


If this person uses MyVT, they will not see the 'DE' address and while they will be able to set their preferred address, it will have no effect on what is shown in ED-Lite.


When you say that when a DE address is set, the preferred email address is ignored, don't you mean to say that the DE address *becomes* the preferred email address? In this case the caveat would be that a person could set their preferred email address back, but would lose the DE address. I believe this is what we discussed during the meeting. — 2005/11/03 17:46

Overriding the preferred email with display email at the personquery layer would be more consistent. The person could try to set their preferred mail, but it would never have any effect as long as a display email existed. Equally confusing for the person, but more consistent. (You're right…this isn't what we discussed in the meeting.) — 2005/11/04 11:20

Okay, I guess that was the crux of the issue: can a user override their DE address. Since they apparently cannot, I have no objections to the proposal. — 2005/11/04 11:58

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