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Deprovisioning PIDs

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2005/12/07


The purpose of this document is to discuss methods of programmatically deprovisioning PIDs.


At this time PIDs are deprovisioned by hand.

  • PIDs are marked as shelved in the DAT, which sets the PID expiration date
  • If deletion occurs it is done by a batch script

Problem Statements


The shelved state is being incorrectly used. A PID should only have an expiration date when it is in the 'To Be Released' state.


  • A PID is marked as 'Locked'
    1. PID cannot authenticate
  • A PID is marked as 'Shelved'
    1. PID cannot authenticate
  • A PID is marked as 'To Be Released' (can only be reached through the shelved state)
    • PID cannot be put in this state if an e-mail account exists
    1. PID cannot authenticate
    2. PID expiration date set to 7 days in the future
  • see Deprovisioning E-mail for how state changes affect e-mail accounts


  • Business logic coding (shelving the PID)
  • Scheduler service (deleting userid data)


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