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Authentication Statistics Service

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2006/04/05


Problem Statements

  • There exist no mechanism to store authentications statistics for PIDs.

Statistical Data

The following statistical data is stored in the Registry:

  • last successful authentication date
  • last failed authentication date
  • total number of successful authentications
  • total number of failed authentications
  • total number of attempted authentications
  • total number of failed authentications since a successful authentication
  • IP and port of host where last successful authentication occured

Functional Requirements

  • Update Statistics Task
    1. Ability to open a configurable UDP port and receive statistical data on that socket
      • must support a configurable list of allowed IP addresses
    2. Ability to parse statistical data and call PidManager session bean
    3. Statistical Data will be in the form: DN::IP=<IP Address>:<port>::<(0|1)>
      • ex. uid=115212,ou=People,dc=vt,dc=edu::IP=

Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Must be implemented as a clustered JBoss service.
  2. Must not be a singleton service


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