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Enterprise Directory Deployment Procedures

Author Daniel Fisher
Date 2008/04/09


These procedures outline the general steps required to deploy the Enterprise Directory application server containers.
Note that specific deployments will vary as to what is required by the deployer.


unless specific in the procedure, these tasks should be run on every node in the production tier.

  1. svn update /apps/local/bin, /apps/local/jdk, and /apps/local/maven
    • if a new version is required you must check it out and update the symlink
  2. Stop the application server:
    • cd /apps/src/j2ee/tags/j2ee-$CURRENT_VERSION
    • bin/j2eectl stop apps|msg prod
  3. Notify IMS to run any scripts that alter database structure and/or data
    • It is usually a good idea to have IMS turn off all triggers during deployments
  4. If a new version of JBoss is required for the deployment, check it out and build it
    • be sure to update it's symlink
    • copy keystores for each node
  5. Checkout and build the latest source
    • cd /apps/src/j2ee/tags; svn update
    • cd /apps/src/j2ee/tags/j2ee-$NEW_VERSION; mvn install
    • add any necessary credentials
      • generally this includes password keys and/or keystores to $HOME/private
  6. When all IMS scripts have completed make any database updates
    • cd /apps/src/j2ee/tags/j2ee-$NEW_VERSION/scripts/registry-update
    • mvn package
    • review output for any discrepancies
  7. When all scripts have completed execute the validation script:
    • cd /apps/src/j2ee/tags/j2ee-$NEW_VERSION/scripts/registry-validate
    • mvn package
    • review output for any discrepancies
  8. If IMS disabled triggers, they can now be enabled
  9. Start the application server:
    • cd /apps/src/j2ee/tags/j2ee-$NEW_VERSION
    • bin/j2eectl deploy apps|msg prod
  10. Verify deployment by accessing the DAT and watching logs
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