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Middleware Services

The Middleware Services group is responsible for research, development, and implementation of infrastructure components to support identifiers, authentication and authorization services. Some of these infrastructure components include directories, directory-enabled applications and messaging systems.

What do we do?

Our current projects focus on the creation of the Enterprise Directory, a key piece of infrastructure that will serve as a repository for much of the person, group, and service information required by applications.

What is middleware?

In an ad campaign for its E-commerce product line, IBM referred to Middleware as “the sweet, nougaty center of infrastructure.” Internet2's Middleware site calls it the glue between the network and applications. In general, it is software that users rarely see as it usually does not have a user interface. It relies heavily on open standards (such as LDAP and XML), and facilitates the exchange of data between systems.

What are some applications that depend on Middleware?

  • Messaging systems like E-mail and instant messaging services which use it for locating e-mail addresses and instant messaging IDs
  • Portals that personalize content based on what they know about you like MyVT
  • General purpose authentication and authorization services for accessing Web applications
  • Learning management systems like Blackboard Course Info
  • E-commerce systems that provide online customer support and recommender functions


Current Job Openings

None available.


Middleware Services is located in the Andrews Information Systems Building (AISB) at 1700 Pratt Drive in the Corporate Research Center.
Directions are available if you are coming from out of town.


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Working Groups


Opensource Projects

Middleware's opensource projects have moved to Github


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